[aida] 20 Years of Aida/Web

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Tue Sep 6 20:40:22 CEST 2016

Hi everybody,

It happens that Squeak and Aida were actually born on the same year. 
Namely, at summer 1996 the Aida development started and late in this 
year a first Aida project was already online: a bookstore for a major 
Slovenian publisher.

The next most important milestones:

- 1998:  a Gas Billing System was developed as a pure web application
          with Aida, heading Aida primarily into business web app domain;
- 2000   Aida becomes Open Sourced and introduced more broadly at first
          Camp Smalltalk in San Diego;
- 2006:  Ajax support, just few months after Ajax was coined, Aida
          already had a fully integrated and seamless Ajax;
- 2007:  Squeak port, a website, mailing list, community building
- 2009:  Aida logo and new website design
- 2011:  Realtime with WebSockets, HTML5, mobile

Even that it is currently quiet in the community, Aida is evolving and 
consolidating all HTML5 and realtime achievements in 'HTML5 rush years', 
running daily internal web portals in companies, like for ISO9000 
Quality Management doc systems, Gas Pipeline Measure Management etc.

It certainly proved that its architecture is sound enough to stand the 
test of a time for past 20 years, so it certainly will for many more 
years to come.

Best regards

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