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MongoDB, bad typing, sorry.

2014-06-12 20:19 GMT-03:00 Germán Arduino <garduino at gmail.com>:

> Hi!
> This is an interesting question Andy, I'm also working with Meteor (being
> myself a long time Smalltalker) because as a freelance, lot of times I need
> to use the tools that the customers wants. And in the last times I saw an
> increasing demand of this sort of tools (Some JS framework - NodeJS -
> MongoDO (or other noSql)).
> Of course, I miss a lot the Smalltalk style of work, but, also I must
> point some strengths in this client based style of development.
> As a friend said, seems that the times of server centric applications is
> gone... (?)
> Thanks for make this question, I also want to know the opinions of the
> other smalltalkers here.
> 2014-06-12 18:05 GMT-03:00 Andy Burnett <andy.burnett at knowinnovation.com>:
>> <<
>> Hi Andy,
>> I don't see much interest on Aida on Pharo, but anyway, I'll release a
>> v6.7 Aida before ESUG conf and if there will be a time, a Pharo version
>> too.
>> Best regards
>> Janko
>> >>
>> Hi Janko,
>> I see your point. I hadn't realised that Aida was less popular on Pharo.
>>  My interest in a Pharo 3 version was just because I like the way their
>> toolset is developing. And, I particularly like the look of the Moose
>> browsers.
>> As an alternative, I could try developing on Gemstone. Does Aidaweb offer
>> the realtime support on Gemstone too?
>> Also, the reason I am asking these questions is that I want to develop a
>> - relatively simple - web app which will allow groups of people to create,
>> and manage, virtual post-it notes in realtime.  I am torn between
>> technologies. On the one hand, systems such as Meteor seem to offer a good
>> stack, but the tools are weak, and you have to write in Javascript. On the
>> other hand Aidaweb seems to let me write everything in smalltalk, but I am
>> not sure whether I can get the same level of client side interactivity, as
>> easily, if I write everything server side.
>> What are your thoughts on the different approaches?
>> Cheers
>> Andy
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