[aida] [bugs]Re: [ANN] Aida 6.5 Summer released: more Mobile, more Cloud, more REST, ...

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Wed Oct 3 14:26:58 CEST 2012


> I cannot download Aida6.5-final.1.mcz from the website getting
> /mc/mivsek/Aida/Aida6.5-final.1.mcz not found
this was in the context to use the static server to serve robots.txt.

So i downloaded the pharo one click, copied a robots.txt into the folder 
with the image and got a debugger when trying to open 
localhost:8888/robots.txt from a browser.

 From earlier experiments with an older Aida (6.2) I know that Aida 
expects string to understand asFilename. String only understands 
asFileName (N not n) so I implemented String>>asFilename like 
^SpFilename name: self (haven't kept it) because further down a 
SpFilename is expected. This is still the case in 6.5

This got me a bit further but still doesn't solve the problem. On 6.2 
caching didn't work (FileProxy>>isToBeCached was not implemented). I'll 
try to backport this.

The next bug in 6.5 is in SpEnvironment class>>onUnix by doubling 
platformName. See pharo.png

Now I get no more debugger but the file still isn't served.
My robots.txt disallows all for any crawler but a recursive wget still 
gets the whole Aidademo site.


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