[aida] Mysterious problem only Firefox, only hosted Server no clue how to solve

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Tue Nov 13 23:29:01 CET 2012

Hi Herbert,

Dne 13. 11. 2012 22:14, piše Herbert König:
> Hi,
> this really bugs me since two days and I'm really out of my depths here.
> In my app I have a WebButton whose action does a simple self
> redirectToView: .... like I have in several cases.
> This is the generated HTML, both buttons have the same problem.
> <inputtype="submit"value="Dieses Profil drucken"name="plotThis">
> <inputtype="submit"value="Alle Positionen drucken"name="plotAll">
> <td>
> This always works on a Windows Server and on an Ubuntu Server running in
> a VM in my local network.
> On the hosted Ubuntu server (same Ubunu) only on Firefox it regularly
> fails (not always) while it always works on Chrome and Opera. The
> tendency is: the slower the computer running the browser the better it
> works.

So it seems to be related to network latency somehow ...
>  The problem is that the action method of the button never gets sent,
> because SwazooBuffer>>refillFrom raises a SwazooStreamNoDataError "No
> data available, socket probably closed".

- try to look at last read SwazooBuffer to see if there really isn't
enough data, if data is complete (any bye missing) etc.
- with Wireshark capture packets on the wire to see if there are complete.
- it could be that packets are very fragmented, but they shouls work
that way too
- download one large static file and compare its contents to the
original. One upon the time Squeak Swazoo had some such problems and can
be related to your problem.

> I get the same problem with several versions of Swazoo incl. the latest
> download from Aidaweb.si.
> I've attached a Stack trace. Help is really appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Herbert
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