[aida] Aida 6.4 problem with Ajax HTML5 based application

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Wed Nov 7 11:30:37 CET 2012

Hi guys,

FYI: new 6.5 interim feature is also that Ajax functionality survives
nightly cleanups. By simply reloading all open pages just few minutes
after 4 in the morning.

A bit background: nightly cleanup is kind of a session 'timeout', just
that sessions in Aida stay and only so called application state is
cleaned out. Instances of Apps, that's it.

Ok, there is more, only once logged-in sessions stay, while anonymous
non-active sessions are 'timed out' in an hour and removed. There is
namely also a hourly cleanup to remove such session (including
application) state from occasional visitors, from search engine robots
and similar.

What else is new in 6.5 interim you can see in release notes (for 6.6.


Best regards

Dne 05. 08. 2012 20:11, piše Martin Polák:
> Hi list,
> it's me again :). After solved my previous problem with memory and saving (hourly snapshot and nightly cleans are working well for me now :)), I found another problem probably related with nightly cleans. Imagine user had worked with application at evening and after that suspended computer without closing browser and resume work at morning (in meantime Aida did AIDASite>>>nighlyCleanup which discarded user's session). So user click on some AJAX link and that fires debugger (session and so on cannot be found). This is not problem on development image, but in my deploy image it leads to Pharo immediately quit (because GUI is suspended as I'm using -vm-display-null on server). Is there some more "inteligent" handling of this I'm not aware of?
> Thanks
> Martin

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