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Dirk Verleysen dirk at verleysen.net
Wed Nov 7 10:15:05 CET 2012

No idea...

I want my static css and js to overwrite the settings from the 
StyleSheet if needed so I would prefer to have them on top of the header 
before my static references.

The problem in my case seemed to be the following:

I have this code added to my header :

<script type="text/javascript">$(function() { $( "#tabs" ).tabs(); $( 
".tabs-bottom .ui-tabs-nav, .tabs-bottom .ui-tabs-nav > *" ) 
.removeClass( "ui-corner-all ui-corner-top" ) .addClass( 
"ui-corner-bottom" ); });</script><style type="text/css">#tabs { height: 
300px; margin-top:10px; margin-bottom:10px;} .tabs-bottom { position: 
relative; } .tabs-bottom .ui-tabs-panel { height: 240px; overflow: auto; 
} .tabs-bottom .ui-tabs-nav { position: absolute !important; left: 0; 
bottom: 0; right:0; padding: 0 0.2em 0.2em 0; } .tabs-bottom 
.ui-tabs-nav li { margin-top: -2px !important; margin-bottom: 1px 
!important; border-top: none; border-bottom-width: 1px; } 
.ui-tabs-selected { margin-top: -3px !important; }</style>

Now the lateInitPageHeader adds the default css and js after these and 
then the style get moved to the bottom of the header.  No idea why but 
the tabs in my page didn't work like they used to. I could be doing 
something wrong as javascript isn't really my thing :).

Janko Mivšek schreef:
> Dne 07. 11. 2012 09:06, piše Dirk Verleysen:
>> I needed to remove the lateInitPageHeaderLinks and put these back at top
>> of the header element, cause some of my javascript wasn't being executed
>> but now it's working fine.
> So the new load order is not always good. Do you have some idea, how
> would you improve it?
> Janko
>> Dirk
>> Janko Mivšek schreef:
>>> Hi Dirk,
>>> Dne 06. 11. 2012 12:56, piše Dirk Verleysen:
>>>> Janko,
>>>> I'm testing with the latest version and I'm using file based css which
>>>> worked well until now :).
>>>> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen"
>>>> href="./dram242/admin.css">
>>>> It looks like the css is not found with the latest versions of Swazoo
>>>> and Aida/Web
>>> Check the home directory settings which is now ./static by default to
>>> avoid serving .cha file as well :) Or better, move your css in ./static
>>> or similar and set AIDASite homeDirectory accordingly.
>>> Let me know if this help.
>>> Janko
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