[aida] Aida 6.4 problem with Ajax HTML5 based application

Martin Polák nigol at nigol.cz
Tue Jul 31 16:49:10 CEST 2012

Main problem on my server is now really limited memory resources, so I have approx. 70 MB free ram for running Aida image, so memory got filled really fast. But your advice with AIDASite default releaseApplicationState helped and memory is free now. But it doesn't start automatically, so is there some magic to start it automatically (let's say every 12 hrs)?


31. 7. 2012 v 14:22, Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek at eranova.si>:

> Hi Martin,
> Aida widgets (as also most of other elements) are not garbage collected
> immediately after usage because you don't know if a webpage with such
> element is still open or not. Ok, popup widgets are closed explicitly,
> so we know, but this is a special case. And we don't have a session
> timeout in Aida to get rid of them soon. But we have a nightly cleanup
> procedure which essentially call a:
> 	AIDASite default releaseApplicationState
> This method clears all App instances and its elements including widgets.
> If you know that some App instance is not needed anymore, you can remove
> manually:
> 	anApp removeYourself
> But in any case, there is something strange with your popup widget to
> eat all memory in two days, is that widgets store a lot of local data
> everytime it is created?
> Best regards
> Janko

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