[aida] 6.5 news: MethodLibrary to handle JS and similar libs

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Mon Jul 23 10:25:16 CEST 2012

Hi guys,

New Aida 6.5 Summer release is coming and I'd like to start informing
you about the most interesting new features and approaches.

Let me start with long awaited one: MethodLibrary to store nowadays
bigger and bigger JavaScript libraries. Such libraries contains
Javascipt, CSS, HTML, images and all this can be now imported elegantly
and just in few minutes to Aida.

For instance Amber http://amber-lang.net/ :

 WebMethodLibImporter default
   baseUrl: '/amber';
   library: 'AmberLibrary';
   package: 'Aida-Libraries';
   import: 'file://~/Download/NicolasPetton-amber-0.9.1-233-g5c9c.zip'

You can import from Internet directly, like jQuery Mobile:

 WebMethodLibImporter default
   baseUrl: '/jquery-mobile';
   library: 'JQueryMobileLibrary';
   exclude: #('/demos');
   package: 'Aida-Libraries';
   import: 'http://code.jquery.com/mobile/1.1.1/jquery.mobile-1.1.1.zip'

So far Amber, jQuery including core, UI and Mobile,
Prototype/Scriptaculous and TinyMCE are imported and meant to be
included in Aida 6.5

MethodLibrary is similar to Seaside's FileLibray, just that is capable
of preserving a hierarchy of the original library and it is much simpler
to import and upgrade to new versions of the original library..

Also it is immediately available in complete original functionality
after importing  or loading in image. You can for instance start Amber
after importing it by example above simply to open the Amber's demo page:


More in details in Method Library page:


Best regards

Janko Mivšek
Svetovalec za informatiko
Eranova d.o.o.
Ljubljana, Slovenija
tel:  01 514 22 55
faks: 01 514 22 56
gsm: 031 674 565

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