[aida] URL duplicates (was Tutorial bug with preferedUrl?)

Robert Calco bobcalco at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 19:02:18 CET 2012


2012/1/27 Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek at eranova.si>

> S, Robert Calco piše:
> > I have implemented the Aida tutorial but notice a quirk when adding new
> > entries, namely, the URL of the new object is always "-c". For example,
> > if you add 'Jack', 'Beanstalk', '1234567890', 'jack at beanstalk.com
> > <mailto:jack at beanstalk.com>', the URL of the new entity is
> > '/address/-c'. It seems to me it should generate correctly the URL
> > '/address/beanstalk' instead.
> This is how duplicates of URLs are resolved. If you see '-a', '-b', '-c'
> etc, in URLs, then you certainly have an URL duplicate situation.
> URL duplicate situation arises when two or more objects suggest the same
> URL by their #preferedUrl method.

This makes sense except for one thing: I don't have any duplicates with
surname 'Beanstalk' that would have conflicted. I get -c no matter what I
add. And all is well when I run the URLResolver code; if there were a
duplicate, then running that should not change matters.

This is another area of interest, as 'the one and only URI' of an object
should be guaranteed unique, in terms of the object itself, but it could
have any number of URLs that are defined by its relationships with other

> When an address is created (by an App), we don't know name and surname
> yet, but Aida already needs his URL. So his #preferedUrl returns
> '/address/'. and because the previous one already registered this URL,
> Aida resolvs the duplicate by registering '/address/-a'.
> > In order to fix the situation I have to run
> >
> > book addresses do: [ :each | URLResolver default changeToPreferedURL:
> > each ].
> Another possibility is to change new person URL after adding it to the
> address book, because at that point name and surname is entered.
> I just updated the tutorial adding and explaining changeToPreferedURL:
> for this case.

Thanks Janko...

- Bob

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