[aida] Tutorial bug with preferedUrl?

Robert Calco bobcalco at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 11:08:08 CET 2012

I have implemented the Aida tutorial but notice a quirk when adding new
entries, namely, the URL of the new object is always "-c". For example, if
you add 'Jack', 'Beanstalk', '1234567890', 'jack at beanstalk.com', the URL of
the new entity is '/address/-c'. It seems to me it should generate
correctly the URL '/address/beanstalk' instead.

In order to fix the situation I have to run

book addresses do: [ :each | URLResolver default changeToPreferedURL: each

... (fortunately I have the 'book' reference in my transcript which I don't
dare lose). Then everybody's URL is right.

- Bob
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