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Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Fri Jan 13 18:25:05 CET 2012

S, Pablo Digonzelli piše:

> Thanks Janko for your answer.
> My question aim to performance , usability / interactivity  using aida
> for ERP apps.
> What can you say about it ?
> How do you persist data ?

Aida is mainly used for business web apps inside intranets, so is
certainly suitable for any ERP like app as well. For ERP specially
because it supports for instance an entry of many numbers on numerical
keypad where tabulation with Enter key is essential. And such tabulation
is supported in Aida to the joy of any accountant, who hates TAB key :)

In latest 6.x versions Aida improved interactivity substantially with
for instance a realtime ajaxified form validation support, also more and
more realtime updating of data on pages etc. Main goal is to cover web
apps with the same or better interactivity as desktop apps. Which is
with latest HTML5 web technology achievable.

Persistence: Beleive or not but I used mainly image based persistence
for years now, combined with file based. With Gemstone where things
become really big. I certainly avoid relational databases, but you can
do RDB based web apps with Aida too of course.

Best regards

S, Pablo Digonzelli piše:
> El 13/01/12 10:36, Janko Mivšek escribió:
>> Hi Pablo,
>> S, Pablo Digonzelli piše:
>>> Hi,  I am interesting to develop ERP like applications with smalltalk. I
>>> want a web enable interface . Some one have been doing this kind of
>>> applications with aida framework?
>> I have accounting/bookkeeping for my company done with Aida. This is
>> also an experimental project for me, to test new approaches towards
>> "Accounting for Dummies":) That is: as simple yet complete and
>> understandable as possible for an average user, no deep bookkeeping
>> knowledge needed. And "one-click" everything. As preparing a yearly
>> preport for instance.
>> But as I said this Aida/Fin is experimental and currently not prepared
>> for the market. Probably will never be because I'm otherwise not working
>> on that field.

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