[aida] Upgrade from 6.4 and release notes

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Tue Aug 28 19:23:50 CEST 2012

Dear all,

To upgrade your existing 6.4 Aida images, just load 6.5 over it then run
this script:

  AIDASite allInstances do: [:each |
    each releaseApplicationState.
    each router addMethodResourcesRoute.
    each urlResolver removeObjectsOfClass: WebMethodResource.
    each router addMethodLibrariesRoute].
  MIMEMap allInstances do: [:each | each initialize].

This procedure and list of changes (more important in bold) since
previous release are found on:


Best regards

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk Web Application Server

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