[aida] How to force a page refresh after Ajax call

Scott McWilliams scottmcwilliams at hotmail.com
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Anyone have any ideas on this?


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Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2011 10:19:02 -0500
Subject: [aida] How to force a page refresh after Ajax call


What is the proper way to force a page refresh after an Ajax call?  I have button which displays a popup dialog that asks the user to confirm an action (save, logout, etc) and then (possibly) redirect based on their choice.

If the button is configured to use #ajaxSubmit, the popup confirmation appears correctly and the above code does redirect to the correct view if the user so chooses, but it does not force a refresh of the page and displays the contents of the redirected view above the contents of the current view (i.e does not clear the contents of the current browser window).  If I manually refresh the browser, the view is displayed correctly.

If the button is not configured to use #ajaxSubmit, the contents of the current view disappear altogether and the popup confirmation does not appear at all.

Both views are configured with #aidaDontCache = true.

If it makes a difference, I am using the Dolphin port.

Any and all ideas welcomed.


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