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Gary Peterson garypeterson4 at qwest.net
Tue Jun 28 16:22:18 CEST 2011

Thank you Janko

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> Hi Gary,
> Welcome to the list!
> Currently we don't have such hosting providers on a PaaS level, but
> there are few initiatives in Smalltalk community and we will join them:
>  1. Cloud Foundry as open initiative by VMware : as Gemstone is now a
> VMware company, they are already working to put Gemstone database on
> that Foundry. Which also means that Smalltalk will be there. And later
> probably Pharo etc. too. Then having the Aida as PaaS in cloud is close.
>  2. Thre is some initiative to make a hosting support but I can't found
> a pointer right now. It is supposed to be for any Smalltalk web
> framework. By some student group? ESUG sponsored?
> In any case, the first thing is to host a Smalltalk image and have
> remote access to it, then you can host Aida on top easily.
> Also, because you can serve more than one Aida website from one image,
> it is very easy to make a SaaS level of hosting. That's how I host
> around 70 websites right now. I have a dedicated server (but it can be
> virtual too) with X-windows installed and using VNC for remote access.
> There is that image connected to version control system. I publish
> changes om my development machine, then in the middle of running load
> them to that image. Doing that for 7 years already :)
> I hope you get some hints for your needs...
> Best regards
> Janko
> S, Gary Peterson piše:
>> Does anyone know of a list of providers who include Aida hosting?
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