[aida] Aida comprehensive documentation: a newbie experience

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray at riseup.net
Tue Jul 26 16:46:13 CEST 2011


El 25/07/11 17:09, Janko Mivšek escribió:
> Hi Offray,
> Good anecdote about "she is my girlfriend, but she don't know", I need
> to remember that one, hehe.

Yep :) I made a mistake is "she is my girlfriend, but she doesn't know".

> About tutorial: I corrected the second code snippet, it was actually
> ambiguous and I hope now is more clear, also because three methods are
> announced in paragraph above.

I have seen that. Thanks.

> About Spanish translation: it is certainly outdated and needed an
> upgrade, Are you willing to upgrade it? We can move it to our website,
> so you can edit it directly here? Translation was done by Giuseppe Luigi
> Punzi glpunzi en lordzealon.com, maybe we can ask him too?

I think that Guiseppe has done a good work but we don't ask him about 
translation, because the original work is covered by a Creative Commons 
By License, but he could help with Spanish documentation and Yes I can 
do the updated translation as far as I get understood and done what the 
original says, in my own machine (I don't want to translate what I don't 
understand or can get working in my environment). So, until now I can't 
go further with:

book := ADemoAddressBook new.
      (ADemoAddress newName: 'Sebastjan' surname: 'Dormir' phone: 
'01/514 33 66' email: 'sebastjan en something.si');
      (ADemoAddress newName: 'John' surname: 'Newton' phone: '05/555 77 
66' email: 'john en something.si');
      (ADemoAddress newName: 'Elizabeth' surname: 'Schneider' phone: 
'03/561 23 12' email: 'elizabeth en something.at').

and I get the error:


and I don't know who to debug this error or why is present if I have 
done what supposedly is right. In contrast, for the moment, the Seaside 
tutorial advance seamlessly and I have my first url working as expected. 
So, I'm suspicious about if all the code that appears in the Address 
Book example is all what is supposed to be filled or if sentences like:

"create accessors and mutators for all instvars in class ADemoAddress"

suppose to fill in something more in the browser that a knowledgeable 
people should know but the newbie don't (the first sentence like that 
created 3 instance methods for ADemoAddressBook).

I really want to help with Aida and other Smalltalk frameworks but I 
feel that I need to get something running smoothly before trying further 
attempts because I don't want to be going from docs to community, to the 
image, to frustration, to docs, to... in short cycles again and again. 
Having comprehensive documentation will enlarge that cycles and reduce 
the necessity for continuous support. So my proposal before any 
translation is this:

Could you try to change the address book tutorial in such way that all 
the code that is needed to be typed is explicitly stated and some 
glossary for terms like "accesors", "mutators", "insvar" could be 
defined previously or avoided as in the Seaside Tutorials? If I can go 
through this tutorial smoothly I can help another newbies to made the 
same with the Spanish translation. By the way, for translations, the 
suggested infrastructure for me should be:


> Also, the ToDo example is an opportunity for another tutorial, are you
> wiling to write it according to your ideas from elsewhere? This will
> really be something! Then we can just refresh and comlete the
> Programmers manual and this could be quite some docs then. Then a book,
> well ... :)

I agree. We need to get first this address book tutorial working for 
newbies and then go for more complex apps like the todo or some other 
ideas, to start with this comprehensive documentation effort.

> About jQuery: I agree that smalltalkized jQuery is a nice Seaside
> feature and I'm thinking about adding to Aida, but as add-on, not the
> necessary feature. Specially not for Ajax. Ajax is namely completely
> integrated in Aida and doesn't need jQuery. Whole JS needed is only 4K
> vs. how many is jQuery? In any case you need to study that ToDo example,
> let me send you instructions, privately for now, because it is yet to be
> polished a bit for a public release.

Lets continue the started discussion about the ToDo example in private, 
with the first reported inconsistencies. I don't know the space of 
JQuery, but having a proper examples in the demo app about the use of 
Javascript for interactive web pages, as the ones that are in Seaside 
should be part of the default experience (I don't know if using just 
Ajax of something else).

> And of course, more feedback, more feedback :)
> Best regards
> Janko

Hope this helps.

Best regards,


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