[aida] Buttons and actions

Martin Polák nigol at nigol.cz
Thu Jul 21 22:22:25 CEST 2011

Hi list,

although I have experience with Seaside and made couple of application  
with it, I'm completely beginner in Aida world. I must say, that  
Aida's concept looks pretty interesting and for dozens of webapps is  
much more suitable than Seaside.
Ok, back to my question. I have followed tutorial on http://www.aidaweb.si/tutorial 
  and everything works fine...Oh maybe in last section (7. Enhance the  
table) is IMO small typo in:

column: 3 addBlock: [ :each |
			(WebElement new) addLinkTo: each text: each surname].

should be:

column: 3 addBlock: [ :each |
			(WebElement new) addLinkTo: each text: each lastName].

After completed tutorial, I tried to improve some details by myself  
and here I went into troubles. I want button 'Back' in the view of  
address in class ADemoAddressApp alongside the implicit button 'Edit'.  
So I added method:

	self redirectTo: self observee parent

changed method:

	self redirectToView: #edit

and made changes in:


	...here goes original code from tutorial...
	e addButtonText: 'Edit' action: #edit.
	e addButtonText: 'Zpět' action: #back.
	self style pageFrameWith: e title: 'Address'

After this "improvements", nothing is happen no matter if I click on  
Edit or Back. What I'm doing wrong, please?


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