[aida] hello papoy

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sun Jan 23 15:49:22 CET 2011

Hi Ching,

CdlS> WebApplication subclass: #PapoyApp >> viewMain

CdlS>         | e |
CdlS>         e := WebElement new.
CdlS>         e addTextH1: 'Hello, Papoy'.

I'm not sure if you get away without ending your view method without a
variant of:

self style pageFrameWideNoNavigationWith: e title: 'yourTitle' .

CdlS> Mozilla firefox browser: http://localhost:8881/pap.html
CdlS> The server runs and serves:
CdlS> http://localhost:8881/admin?view=login
CdlS> displaying the aidademo login page

This is to be expected, you have to login with 'admin' and 'password',
after that you should be forewarded to your page. If you don't want
this, do the login and then as an admin you can assign the 'guest'
user the right to view your page. Then the steps you describe will lead
directly to your page.

To set the access rights you go to localhost:8888 in your browser. On
the top of the demo page you log in as admin, go to security in the
left bottom nav bar. Select 'users', select 'guest'. At the bottom find
'access rights'. There you'll find your app and can set the guests


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