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Ching de la Serna ching.dls at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 13:39:29 CET 2011


I am trying to make a small app that says 'Hello Papoy'
Object subclass: #Papoy >> name
                    >> name:

WebApplication subclass: #PapoyApp >> viewMain

        | e |
        e := WebElement new.
        e addTextH1: 'Hello, Papoy'.

on a workspace:

papoy _ Papoy new.
papoy name: 'test papoy'.

AIDASite newNamed: 'papoy'.
(AIDASite named: 'papoy') addUserService: papoy named: #papoy.
(AIDASite named: 'papoy') urlResolver defaultURL: '/pap.html' forObject:
(AIDASite named: 'papoy') start..
(AIDASite named: 'papoy') host: 'localhost' ip: '' port: 8881.

Mozilla firefox browser: http://localhost:8881/pap.html
The server runs and serves: http://localhost:8881/admin?view=login
displaying the aidademo login page

What step is missing?

Thanks in advance.

Ching de la Serna
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