[aida] Erroo loading Aida6.2-final-2.mcz

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Thu Feb 17 12:28:34 CET 2011


It seems Squeakers changed rules of parsing symbols recently. But patch
is simple, just put in ampersands a symbol with underscore:

     choicesElement := (WebElement newClass: #'auto_complete')

I patched that and will be in next patch release, when some other
patches come too.

Thanks for reporting all those problems, that way we will really cleanup
Aida to work well on all dialects and platforms.


On 17. 02. 2011 02:58, Ching de la Serna wrote:
> Hi Janko,
> On loading I ancountered this error:
> printHTMLPageOn: aStream for: aRequest on: aSession
>     | choicesElement |
>     choicesElement := (WebElement newClass: #autoright *parenthesis
> expected ->_complete) *parent: self.
>     self ensureId. choicesElement ensureId.
>     super printHTMLPageOn: aStream for: aRequest on: aSession.
> Thanks,
> Ching de la Serna
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