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Nicholas Moore nicholas.moore at tsr-i.com
Mon Feb 14 11:35:21 CET 2011


After running the script that you described prior to upgrade I was able to install 6.2 cleanly without any problems - good work!

During testing (on VW) I came across a couple of snags:

1) The method String >> replaceSpecialCharacters contains or:or: which does not work in VW (but is ok in Pharo and Squeak). I changed it to:
	str := self copy.
	str do: [:ch | |ascii|
		ascii := ch asInteger.
		((ascii  >= 65 and: [ ascii <= 90 ]) or: [
			( ascii >= 97 and: [ ascii <= 122 ]) or: [ch isDigit or: [ch = $/ or: [ch = $.]]]])
			ifFalse: [str replaceAll: ch with: $-]].

2) I needed to upgrade my version of TinyMCE -  richEditorInitScript has changed.

3) I have a problem with ajax calls. I previously used 'afterPostUpdate:' which is deprecated.  I changed to 'onChangePostAndUpdate::' but that did not work (no error, simply nothing happened). I do not yet know why, I will need to do some debugging this week. I also found that the WebDemo ajax page did not work properly (the update and popup methods seemed to have no effect. 

Therefore I am unsure whether the problem lies in my implementation or elsewhere. I reverted to my same app using 6.1 and the WebDemo ajax page worked perfectly. If anyone else could test this and see how the demo app works, that would save me some time.

By the way, I notice that WebApplication >> respondToAjaxRequest: is in the 'private-obsolete' protocol, should that be in 'private-ajax'?

Otherwise the new features look great, in particular I am looking forward to getting to grips with JSON.



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