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Brad Selfridge bsselfridge at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 22:05:43 CEST 2011

Is the stack look up trying to implement a form of continuation? If so, 
then VASmalltalk cannot be used at this time, because VA doesn't support 
continuations until the next major release.

VA uses Envy which has the concept of Applications and SubApplications 
rather than Categories. It not much of a distinction but it does cause 
the fileouts to be different. I just need to know which the sequence of 
AIDA categories to fileout and convert.


Brad Selfridge

On 8/18/2011 2:10 PM, Smalltalk wrote:
> Brad,
> I do not know about VASmalltalk but I did the port of AIDA to Dolphin
> Smalltalk and it was not complicated.
> You can start the port and we can help you.
> I think the mayor problems to the port comes with:
> Object>>firstSessionFromStack
> Object>>firstRequestFromStack
> Object>>firstAppFromStack
> These method use the StackFrame of each Smalltalk (in Dolphin is called
> StackFrame).
> Regards,
> Bruno
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> Just started checking out AIDAWeb. Love it. Fantastic job. However, I'm
> an old VASmalltalk developer in that I have been programming in
> VASmalltalk exclusively for over 10 years. It's taking me a little time
> to come up to speed on Pharo and I want to learn VisualWorks also.
> Enough chatter.
> My question is, have you considered porting AIDAWeb to VASmalltalk?  If
> no, do you have a rough idea as to how much effort it might take to port
> it.

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