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Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Thu Aug 11 13:46:34 CEST 2011

Hi Nicholas,

S, Nicholas Moore piše:

> I have been using Apache and virtual hosts to redirect incoming requests
> to the various sites in an image (each of which is listed in my hosts
> file with a name and port). If I remove Apache, how do I tell Swazoo to
> redirect to the various sites?

First you need to run the image as root if you are on Linux. Root is
namely needed to run on port 80. This has security implications of
course, so be careful. Chroot jail is one of possible protection here.

Then you simply set host:ip:port: of your sites accordingly. Let me
explain by concrete example of my hosting of Aida and Swazoo websites,
which are both run from same image and on same public IP. Those two
sites are set with:

  (AIDASite named: 'aida-site')
	host: 'www.aidaweb.si' ip: 'hosting-biart.eranova.si' port: 80.

  (AIDASite named: 'swazoo-site')
	host: 'www.swazoo.org' ip: 'hosting-biart.eranova.si' port: 80.

All those DNS names must be registered on some DNS server. Just
registering them in hosts file is not enough for serving outside your

hosting-biart.eranova.si is the public IP for hosting mostly customer
BiArt (commercial product) websites, from there that name, but also many
public websites. Currently 70 websites are open on this image, 20 of
them enabled, around 10 pretty active.

Hope this help.

Best regards

> Nicholas
> On 08/08/11 13:29, Janko Mivšek wrote:
>> Hi Martin
>> S, Martin Polák piše:
>>> Other story is the way, how Aida with Swazoo act as server. I like it much more than Seaside's Kom with for example Apache. Now I have only Pharo image with Aida on my server and I'm perfectly able to handle all that virtual names stuff completely with Smalltalk via VNC. That's a big difference with my Seaside deployment scenario, where I must handle all this configuration by editing Apache's config files to create proxy to the Seaside's image. And that's really boring.
>> Virtual serving of many Aida websites together with static content is
>> indeed very neat and useful feature. You can deploy a new site in a
>> minute! Even a whole image can be deployed by just loading the code and
>> setting host:ip:port: combo in few minutes.
>> On VisualWorks Swazoo works great as a standalone web server while on
>> Pharo it seems that a "Sockets not closing" [1] bug can have problems.
>> But Pharo guys are aware of it and hopelly they will resolve it soon. I
>> also need Swazoo on Pharo working well, so cosider that problem almost
>> solved :)
>> What will be very nice contribution would be an article, something like
>> "Deploying Aida in the Cloud". As a blog post or as a docs page on our
>> website. What do you think?
>> [1] http://forum.world.st/Sockets-don-t-close-100-CPU-tt3648046.html
>> Best regards
>> Janko
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