[aida] Deploying application to server

Martin Polák nigol at nigol.cz
Mon Aug 8 18:26:54 CEST 2011

Hi Janko,

8. 8. 2011 v 13:29, Janko Mivšek:

> Hi Martin
> S, Martin Polák piše:
> On VisualWorks Swazoo works great as a standalone web server while on
> Pharo it seems that a "Sockets not closing" [1] bug can have problems.
> But Pharo guys are aware of it and hopelly they will resolve it soon. I
> also need Swazoo on Pharo working well, so cosider that problem almost
> solved :)

Do you mind this bug is present in Squeak too, or it is only Pharo related? Is this a big problem with real life websites?

> What will be very nice contribution would be an article, something like
> "Deploying Aida in the Cloud". As a blog post or as a docs page on our
> website. What do you think?

That's good idea. I don't have a blog, so documentation page on Aida's website should be better option. But I'm not sure, if I'm the right guy to do this :) I have very little experience with Aida now. I'll try to write something when time allows me, but I can't promise anything.  


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