[aida] Deploying application to server

Martin Polák nigol at nigol.cz
Sun Aug 7 08:20:40 CEST 2011

Hi Janko,

6. 8. 2011 v 21:54, Janko Mivšek:

> Hi Martin,
> Bravo, you found a bug in Aida :) It is in WebStyle and because a
> DefaultWebStyle is used in aidademo, noone noticed :) But in any case it
> is better to use a DefaultWebStyle instead, until you won't do your
> completely own "styling". So, by changing the style class it should work.

Ok, that's my first "contribution" to Aida :) Your suggestion helped and everything working great now. I must now in spare time figure out, how to create my own style (subclass WebStyle and explore, how the DefaultWebStyle is implemented). 

> About security, login as admin, click Security down in navigation, tab
> Groups, click AllUsers, then for access without limits click Access
> rights, then your App classes and set View all to them.

Great, works too :).

Other story is the way, how Aida with Swazoo act as server. I like it much more than Seaside's Kom with for example Apache. Now I have only Pharo image with Aida on my server and I'm perfectly able to handle all that virtual names stuff completely with Smalltalk via VNC. That's a big difference with my Seaside deployment scenario, where I must handle all this configuration by editing Apache's config files to create proxy to the Seaside's image. And that's really boring.


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