[aida] Deploying application to server

Martin Polák nigol at nigol.cz
Sat Aug 6 20:17:05 CEST 2011

Hi there,

I have problem with deploying application to remote server. My application works correctly on my local machine, but when I load it via Monticello to my server and create site with these commands:

name := 'pokus'.
hostname: 'aida.nigol.cz'. "add in your DNS first!"
ip := 'aida.nigol.cz'.
styleClass := 'WebStyle'. "change if you provide your own subclass"

AIDASite newNamed: name.
(AIDASite named: name) host: hostname ip: ip port: 80.
(AIDASite named: name) styleClass: styleClass.
SwazooServer startSite: name.

pokus := PAPokus new  "root domain object"
(AIDASite named: 'mysite') addUserService: pokus named: #myPokus
(AIDASite named: 'mysite') urlResolver defaultURL: '/pokkus.html' forObject: pokus

it doesn't work as expected. After visiting site at http://aida.nigol.cz/pokus.html browser try to load http://aida.nigol.cz/admin?view=login and after that, debugger in image is fired up on halt. Is there some other magic which I'm not aware of? :)
BTW. I'm hosting on Amazon's EC2 micro instance and everything seems to be alright including VNC access.


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