[aida] Code stats - Aida vs. Seaside vs. Iliad

Friedrich Dominicus frido at q-software-solutions.de
Fri Nov 12 07:27:26 CET 2010

Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek at eranova.si> writes:

> Dear all,
> I'm currently working on comparison between three main web frameworks in
> Smalltalk and here is one interesting result I measured today:
> Code stats            Aida    Seaside Iliad			
> Nr of packages          1      74      9
> Nr of categories       14     123     26
> Nr of classes         145     943    265
> Nr of methods        4.465   8.758  2.368
> Lines of code       33.578  66.337  9.794
> Avg methods/class     31      9       9
> Avg lines/method     7,5     7,6     4,1
> Code is loaded in Pharo with by Metacello configurations, tests are
> included, all code included except Grease, Sport, Swazoo, Magritte.
> Note how small number of packages and classes has Aida comparing
> specially to Seaside, but only twice less methods. Is this a reason why
> everyone consider Aida as simple from first sight?
I would not dare to draw such kind of conclusions. I think a look e.g et
Code Clean an other books will be interesting. However it seems there
are different philosophies at work. Look at the methods in the
class. Iliad and Seaside seem to have finer grained classes. I can't
tell if that is really good or bad, but the attitude in Smalltalk seems
to have small classes, small methods. So in this regard Iliad would be
"winning". One has to admit. One spared line of code is one line less
which can contain a bug....

What I definitly am missing in Seaside is some idea on what all this
classes really do. 

I'd think one also has to see what is provided by the frameworks. Does
e.g Seaside include something not in Aida or Iliad. 

My impression is that we probably have to look after Iliad
especially. If the functionality of Aida and Iliad is comparable (I can't
judge that) than I'd say the Iliad people have done a better job. Just a
third that much code looks very good. If we can compare Seaside
completly with Aida than I'd say Aida is better done because it just needs
half the code of Aida.

I don't know who has written it. A work is finished not if you can add
something more, but if you are not able to remove something .. 

Or similiar


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