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Does anyone knows if there is any XPDL Parser for Smalltalk ?

I want to convert a BPM (XPDL) file into Smalltalk objects.


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Hi Janko,

JM>   | site req resp |
JM>   site := AIDASite new initialize.
JM>   req := self sampleRequest.  "/admin.html?view=login&id=123456"
JM>   resp := site answerTo: req.

just to be clear, I want to check Aida + my app. Actually your example
does exactly this.

So I implemented logging in AidaSite>>answerTo:
as well as in HTTPConnection>>readRequestFor:
to find out that HTTPRequest and HTTPResponse both refer to a
SwazooTask which refers to the request and the corresponding response.
So I'll only log the requests.

I already have a clear idea how to replace the id's (not session but
element id's) so I have something to do for tomorrow.

JM> As you see the request receiving is simulated and repeated many times to
JM> get a good profile.

I will use all my previously recorded requests instead of repeating
one single request.

JM> To keep the same session an additional query
JM> parameter is added to the Url: id=123456.

OK. Let's see if this will work if I repeat a sequence of requests.
Assuming the sequence starts with a login and ends with a logout.

JM> Hope this helps
Yes, thanks.


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