[aida] Chrome and Safari did NOT find the Aida Context

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Wed May 5 21:33:31 CEST 2010



I do NOT fix the problema, but i found why this is happening.


The problem is the method: WebApplication>>findCreateOrSerializeContextFor:


findCreateOrSerializeContextFor: aRequest

                "and set the current context and view"

                "for posts and ajax request the context id must always be
present in request!"

                "Serialize execution if some other request is already

                | ctx |


                ctx := self findContextFor: aRequest.

                (ctx isNil and: [aRequest isPost or: [aRequest
isAjaxRequest]]) ifTrue: [^nil]. "this should not happen!"

                ctx isNil ifTrue: [ctx := self findContextSameViewFor:
aRequest]. "temporary"

                ctx isNil ifTrue: 

                                [ctx := (WebContextFirst newOn: self) view:
aRequest view.

                                self addContext: ctx].

                ctx isBusy ifTrue: [ctx serialize: aRequest]. "Dolphin fix"
"context is busy, serialize execution"

                ctx request: aRequest.

                aRequest context: ctx.


In Opera and Mozilla after the popup windows is closed this method is
executed and:

(ctx isNil and: [aRequest isPost or: [aRequest isAjaxRequest]]) answer
FALSE. (which is OK)


But under Chrome and Safari

(ctx isNil and: [aRequest isPost or: [aRequest isAjaxRequest]]) answer True.
According with comments  "this should not happen!"


Now I going to find what is causing this difference.






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