[aida] [Esug-list] Google Summer Of Code 2010 news!!!

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 00:09:32 CET 2010

> 5) Work on a cross-dialect foreign function call interface and implement it
> in at least two dialects.  Candidates include Alien and GNU Smalltalk's
> CObject (using existing implementation has the advantage of having to
> implement in only _one_ other dialect!).  Bonus points for implementing a C
> parser that would be able to construct bindings.  GNU Smalltalk already
> contains a C preprocessor implementation.
I think this project could be a good idea for GSoC.  As I said, I would love
if it (optionally at least) could not to block the complete VM while a
function is being called.

I would also love what you said: parse .h of libraries and automatically
create the wrapper for Smalltalk. At least create the invocations to the
functions, and map the structures to objects...

We need to write a title, a little description and if possible titles like
"technical details", "benefits to the students" and "benefits to the

If you are interested please send it to me and I add it to the list.

We also need a mentor (and a student, of course)...anyone is willing to do
it ?


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