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A little correction. At the beginning I though only open-source Smalltalk
dialects were possible, but now Janko let me know that non open-source
dialects are welcome too. What really has to be open-source is the
project/idea in particular, but the Smalltalk dialect in itself can be non

Sorry for the noise.


On Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 1:04 PM, Mariano Martinez Peck <marianopeck at gmail.com
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> Hi smalltalkers. I have been asked to be the admin of GSoC 2010. The backup
> or second admin is Janko Mivšek. As you may know, Squeak has participated in
> GSoC 2007, 2008 but failed (not accepted) in 2009. We are not sure if we
> will succeed this year but we will try to do as much as possible.
> We think that one of the most important reasons why we failed in 2009 is
> that Google was looking for bigger communities that Squeak. This is why this
> year we all go under the ESUG umbrella. We present ESUG as the mentor
> organization and we cover ALL open-source Smalltalk dialects, not only
> Squeak. Pharo, Smalltalk/X, GNU Smalltalk, Cuis..they are all invited to
> participate. Also cross platform projects like Seaside, AidaWeb, Magma, etc
> are welcome.
> <forThoseWhoDoesntKnowWhatGSoCIs>
> It is a Google program that support (money) students to work on different
> open-source projects. Google doesn't talk or manage directly to the students
> but trough "Mentoring Organisations". Those organizations have to apply to
> GSoC. They have to give a lot of information, included a list of
> ideas/projects. Each project has a description and a mentor. Then the
> students apply for each project. If the organization gets selected by Google
> they will tell you how many "slots" they give. Suppose they give 5 but we
> have 20 projects....then we vote and the most voted projects win. The
> student has to do the project and the mentor has to help and guide him. The
> mentor receives 500 USD and the student 4500USD.
> For more information read: http://code.google.com/soc/
> </forThoseWhoDoesntKnowWhatGSoCIs>
> The most important thing is the deadlines we have. We started late so we
> are very near to the first deadline which is 12/03/2010 (less than one
> week). For that deadline we need to submit all the information of the mentor
> organization (answering several questions) and give the list of
> ideas/projects and the mentors of that.
> We have created a webpage (Thanks Janko!!) where we will put all the
> information. We will make this page public soon (we still need to review a
> couple of things).
> But for the moment we would REALLY appreciate if tell us your ideas. To do
> this, just answer to this email. Then we will collect the information and
> put in the website. For each idea you need:  a short title and a paragraph
> (for the moment) explaining the idea.
> After, we need that the people that are willing to be mentors start to
> apply as mentors...please, consider yourself being mentor. Sometimes it is
> not that difficult. I mean, don't be shy as sometimes being helpful, being
> aware of the dates, answering emails, etc is more important than the
> Smalltalk knoweldege. We can have a lot of ideas, but we need also mentors
> for that. We even would need a "substitute" for each mentor...
> Just as an example you can see the ideas of the previous years:
> 2007: http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/5936
> 2008: http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6031
> 2009: http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/6120
> That's all for the moment.
> Cheers
> Mariano
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