[aida] tested AidaWeb in upcoming Squeak 4.1 release

Smalltalk smalltalk at adinet.com.uy
Thu Apr 1 15:14:25 CEST 2010

Hi Janko,

I'm finishing my application so i will try to solve the issue that i have  
in my Dolphin version of AIDA.

If i have any news or i can solve something i will post here in the list.


> Hi Herbert, Bruno,
> It seems that popups don't work well on Safari, because we have many
> reports from GSoC users about problems with popups. Any help here is
> greatly appreciated. I just don't have time, nor knowledge, how to debug
> on Safari. Is there something like FireBug  too?
> About popup causing crollbars to disappear, this problem is solved
> thanks to help from Nico and it will come to forthcoming 6.1.
> About 401 at some ajax requests, I experienced that recently by myself
> too while working on ajaxified validation support. It could be related
> to your one's too.
> Best regards
> Janko
> On 29. 03. 2010 21:09, Herbert König wrote:
>> Hi Janko,
>>>> There is one glitch in the tree like control flow demo.
>>>> Playing with the popup dialogs (especially the dialog on the other
>>>> dialog) makes this feature disfunctional.
>> JM> Hm, stackable popups worked in Squeak so far but on 4.1 not anymore?
>> back from work ;-)
>> Actually I was only assuming it worked in Squeak. So I took a fresh
>> 3.10.2 image and installed Aida.
>> The more detailed description is:
>> In Firefox 3.6.2 you can go on the Ajax demo page and click on
>> "Example: Popup window with Ajax content from server" (the first popup
>> demo). There you can click for another popup and close them one after
>> the other. This can be done several times.
>> But if the browser window is too small it looses its vertical
>> scrollbar (and the mouse wheel) so you can't do it several times as
>> the window scrolls to the top on opening the first popup. Unless you
>> reload the page.
>> With the "Example: Popup info dialog" (second popup demo) it also
>> works if the window is big enough but looses the scrollbar. And on
>> closing it, the browser shows a "request for unknown or nonexistent
>> context!" but no debugger in Squeak.
>> Same in Opera 10.51, except you can still scroll with the mouse wheel.  
>> And it
>> doesn't scroll up on opening the popups. The message in Opera is:
>> "04 Not Found
>> The server experienced an error while processing this request.
>> If this problem persists, please contact the webmaster.
>> Swazoo Smalltalk Web Server" .
>> While I'm at it:
>> IE 8.0.6001 looses scrollbar and mouse but doesn't scroll. But the
>> transparent background isn't put over the complete window. No error
>> message in full screen mode.
>> Ok so I went to aidaweb.si/demo.html (I assume VW) and it got more
>> confusing.
>> - No popup in IE, clicks just are ignored.
>> - No problems at all in Opera.
>> - No problems in FF
>> Seems popups generally need a bit more care.
>> Now back to a thorough test of my own app under 4.1.
>> Cheers,
>> Herbert                            mailto:herbertkoenig at gmx.net

Usando el revolucionario cliente de correo de Opera:  

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