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Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Wed May 20 10:38:57 CEST 2009

Giuseppe Luigi Punzi Ruiz pravi:

> I think you can add the thesis to the Documentation section as an  
> example of modelling a real application with Aida/web.

Good idea. Jaroslav, is there a final version of your thesis or should
we wait a bit?

> I only had time to see the PDF a little, but looks very good documented.

Indeed. And if Jaroslav make Aida part as a standalone article, this
would be just perfect :)


> El 17/05/2009, a las 11:42, Janko Mivšek escribió:
>> Ahoj Jarda,
>> Well, that was something, an unexpectedly perfect event when I saw  
>> your
>> mail and looked at your thesis. It contains almost a book about Aida!
>> And so fresh and intellectually honest view on it. I must say I  
>> enjoyed
>> reading every line. And I learned a lot by myself about Aida. Yep,
>> really, a perfect mirror. I still need to look closer at your web app
>> but from what I saw and read so far it is a really valuable  
>> contribution
>> to Aida.
>> Thanks you a lot for all your work and I hope you'll continue in the
>> future too. As Herbert already said the next step would be that you,
>> Aleks and Herbert look together about your approaches to action blocks
>> (callbacks), so that we will come out with one and as best as possible
>> solution. I'll also look about your validation support, which is in my
>> mind for a while, and of course Ajax multi-element update support,
>> that's something we need to address soon too.
>> What can be helpful for you already is a new execution context support
>> in beta2. Also the complete isolation of Ajax requests is solved now  
>> (no
>> more relying on #lastRequest and lastApp), so just by porting to beta2
>> can solve many of problems you mentioned.
>> So far for now, more later...
>> Best regards
>> Janko
>> Jaroslav Havlín pravi:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I have just deployed a testing version of a single-page web
>>> application based on Aida/Web framework, CellStore/XML database and
>>> Smalltalk/X platform.
>>> It is a web client for the XML database, that introduces some
>>> interesting (I hope) things that can be done with Aida.
>>> - support for complete AJAX updating (callback links, automatic
>>> detection of updated elements, unlimited number of elements updated
>>> after single AJAX request)
>>> - integration of reallysimplehistory into Aida (back button support
>>> for AJAX applications)
>>> - form elements with custom conversion, validation and failure  
>>> handling
>>> - AJAX form submitting
>>> - support for both modern and text browsers
>>> Download page for document that describes the web client, the most
>>> important part is chapter 7 - Implementation:
>>> http://cellstore.felk.cvut.cz/browser/doc/graduate_theses/Jaroslav_Havlin/havlin_thesis.pdf
>>> (I'm sorry for my English)
>>> HTML version of the document:
>>> http://www.havlin.info/node7.html#SECTION00710000000000000000
>>> ! Live demo (At least I hope it is going to be alive for a  
>>> while :-) ):
>>> (Please, do not upload big files. Only XML files are supported so  
>>> far.
>>> The page was tested with Firefox and MSIE browsers. With Firefox it
>>> works, with MSIE not.
>>> The database does not support concurrent users, and it may cause  
>>> problems.
>>> Concurrent usage has not been tested yet - please, be tolerant if
>>> something fails.
>>> Reloading the page can sometimes solve one's problems)
>>> Source code:
>>> http://sites.google.com/site/jaroslavhavlin/cellstore,
>>> http://cellstore.felk.cvut.cz/browser/service_http/trunk
>>> The application stores the state on the server-side, which brings  
>>> many
>>> disadvantages. But it makes partial page updating very simple.
>>> Any comments and suggestions welcome.
>>> I will be glad if you let me know what you think.
>>> Best wishes,
>>> Jarda

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk Web Application Server

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