[aida] Aida-based single page web application

Jaroslav Havlín havlij6 at fel.cvut.cz
Mon May 18 01:41:17 CEST 2009

Hello All,
I have mistakenly sent this message from a bad email address before,
and I'm not sure you have received it. If you have, sorry for

Dear Janko, Herbert and Giuseppe,

thank you very much for your feedback, I'm really honored.

I will look closer at Alex Baran's solution, thanks for tip.

I'm sorry for the poor browser support, I had to finish the work quickly,
and testing the same thing with many browsers is not interesting job that
could be described in the text :-) I hope I will be able to fix the problems.

I would like to continue with this work in the future, but now I have to
intensively prepare for final exams. I will then, I hope, look at new
features in
beta2 and try to port them to Smalltalk/X.

If you like any part of the source code or the text, feel free to use it.

Sorry for the late answer. I had to try a fresh installation of
Smalltalk/X with CellStore,
to be sure it works.

Kind regards,

P.S. Could I, please, cite your reactions in the appendix of the thesis? :-)

Installation of Smalltalk/X with CellStore, Sport, Swazoo and Aida

For full instructions with more options (debian packages), see

Smalltalk/X with required SVN support can downloaded from here:
!!! This is unofficial release of Smalltalk/X for testing only !!!

Make sure a SVN client is installed in the system.

Unpack the archive into a directory:
tar xvjf smalltalk-

One directory must be removed because of a bug! This is important step.
rm -rf smalltalk-


In the Launcher, in menu select Tools -> Load Project,
click Update List from network, select CellStore and click Load.
During the loading of classes, some dialogs will appear that will ask
for a branch of the
source code.
In the first dialog, for cellstore/core, select the second choice -
In other dialogs, select the first choice - /trunk/

To start Swazoo web server and CellStore databae,
do "CellStore::HTTPWizard start" (do not forget to stop it later),
or click the button with cells in the Launcher.
Then run browser with http://localhost:8888/

We know this installation process is not very comfortable, but it is
only development version. So, please, be

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