[aida] Aida-based single page web application

Jaroslav Havlín havlij6 at fel.cvut.cz
Sat May 16 23:26:05 CEST 2009

Hello all,

I have just deployed a testing version of a single-page web
application based on Aida/Web framework, CellStore/XML database and
Smalltalk/X platform.
It is a web client for the XML database, that introduces some
interesting (I hope) things that can be done with Aida.

- support for complete AJAX updating (callback links, automatic
detection of updated elements, unlimited number of elements updated
after single AJAX request)
- integration of reallysimplehistory into Aida (back button support
for AJAX applications)
- form elements with custom conversion, validation and failure handling
- AJAX form submitting
- support for both modern and text browsers

Download page for document that describes the web client, the most
important part is chapter 7 - Implementation:
(I'm sorry for my English)

HTML version of the document:

! Live demo (At least I hope it is going to be alive for a while :-) ):

(Please, do not upload big files. Only XML files are supported so far.
The page was tested with Firefox and MSIE browsers. With Firefox it
works, with MSIE not.
The database does not support concurrent users, and it may cause problems.
Concurrent usage has not been tested yet - please, be tolerant if
something fails.
Reloading the page can sometimes solve one's problems)

Source code:

The application stores the state on the server-side, which brings many
disadvantages. But it makes partial page updating very simple.
Any comments and suggestions welcome.
I will be glad if you let me know what you think.

Best wishes,

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