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Facundo Ciccioli facundofc at gmail.com
Mon May 11 21:39:10 CEST 2009

Hi. Thanks Janko, we've done what you suggest as a temporary solution,
but we want to go to the originally requested URL after logging in.

I've been extensively researching AIDA to try and find out what could
be happening. I found out that the afterLogin property is in the
AIDASite class. This doesn't seem right, since it implies that if two
people requests two diferent pages from the same site, one of them
will get what the other requested after he gets logged in.

In any case, I don't yet see how could this be the cause of out
problem. What happens to us is that it seems like the afterLogin
property gets setted to weird things like an image or a Javascript
script (both being things that were requested by the browser because
they are part of a page requested by the user). I'll keep looking to
throw some more light on it, but any clue is welcome.

Best regards, thanks for reading,

2009/5/7 Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek at eranova.si>:
> Hi Faundo,
> In latest beta2 you can switch-off that auto redirection to the page
> where you logged out and jump to some other URL instead:
>        AIDASite default afterLogin: anUrlToJumpTo
> You can switch-on back with:
>        AIDASite default afterLogin: #lastPage
> I hope this will help.
> Best regards
> Janko
> Facundo Ciccioli pravi:
>> Hello. I'm having some problems with the afterLogin message. Well, not
>> with the message itself, but with the feature it enables: returning to
>> the last page you visited prior to logout, after you login again. I
>> still can't reproduce the problem, ie. it's still erratic, and
>> sometimes it happens, and sometimes it works fine. It seems that
>> sometimes afterLogin remembers the wrong URI, and then when you login
>> you can get... an icon!... for instance, or some other weird page you
>> never were in but you surely referenced indirectly (yesterday I ended
>> up seeing the scripts.js file after a login...).
>> So no, I don't have a concrete question. But since I find myself
>> pretty lost in solving this problem, I wanted to see if anyone has
>> ever come accross the same or similar thing.
>> That's all. Apologies for the vagueness. Kindly,
>> FaQ
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