[aida] German umlauts: symbols converted to Slovene?

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Fri May 8 16:36:29 CEST 2009

Hi Stefan,

SS> From where through what to where did you move your code
SS> from 5.6 to the new beta?
nice sentence :-))

Well all in the same 8.2.1 image, removed 5.6 via monticello, cleaned
up junk, installed the beta mcz and fixed the single WebApplication
subclass I had in that image. Then applied my changes to Aida via a
copy of that image still having 5.6 using ^C and ^V.

SS> I'd wager you were using an image using ISO-8859-1 encoding
SS> for internal string storage, and then somehow managed to save
SS> the file using UTF-8 outside the image. The new image would
SS> also be using ISO-8859-1 and interpret the bytes as shown.

TextConverter default returns an UTF8TextConverter and the the message
with that name as well as the code containing the symbol with the
message name never left that image.

SS> tilde-A is usually a dead giveaway for this kind of problem,
SS> as it's the ISO-8859-1 representation of the UTF-8 prefix byte
SS> used for the relevant character range.

If I didn't get you wrong then I have to find out a compiledMethod's
literals encoding and the encoding of that message name?

Copying the message contents to a name without umlaut and changing the
symbol in the view method makes it work. Then taking a new name with a
different umlaut ...gewühlt :-) and changing the symbol to that new
name reproduces the problem.

Do you think this rules out the in image coding of strings?

While I agree, I should not use umlauts in message names I'd like to
understand what happens.


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