[aida] German umlauts: symbols converted to Slovene?

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Fri May 8 11:53:13 CEST 2009

Hi Herbert,

I don't think this is related to Slovenian specific support in Aida. In
any case, it is better to avoid any non ASCII text in your code. For
such text we have already the translation support in new Aida. See our demo:


This should be shown automatically in your language if it is sl, en, es,
fr. If not, then you can switch session language:


Look at WebDemoApp>>viewCalendar and class methods, in newest beta to
see how this is imlpemented.

Just for a taste about what is coming in 6.0 :)



Herbert König pravi:
> Hi,
> in 5.6 i could do:
> self observee hasPositionSelected
>      ifFalse:
>              [self redirectToView: #profilePositionNichtGewählt.
>              ^self].
> In case your mailer doesn't display correctly, the last word of the
> symbol has a German "a" umlaut.
> While I tend to avoid German umlauts in message names this one slipped
> through and in 6.9beta2 results in:
> ERROR: view named #'profilePositionNichtGewÀhlt' does not exist
> in the browser.
> Cheers,
> Herbert                          mailto:herbertkoenig na gmx.net
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