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Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Tue May 5 15:14:57 CEST 2009

GeertC pravi:

> I have just stumbled on this older "roadmap" post and I was wondering how
> AidaWeb 6.0 is going towards Magritte support?

I thought about that but currently no time for much more.

I namely thought about something like Magritte-Lite, with just type
definitions for automatic validation support, which will hopefully soon
be added to Aida. Here I feel that Magritte can help without introducing
much  unecessary complexity. But again, this is only my feeling because
I don't know Magritte well enough yet. Any help here is very appreciated.

> I have to say that I am also really interested in the visual web app
> building roadmap item?  What are the idea's plan around this one?

Here I expect to start with scaffolding according to well defined Aida
app patterns. Those patterns shall first be documented and supported by
good examples, then scaffolding will be easy to add.

Scaffolding is namely much easier to develop and with bigger effect than
visual app builder. For later I'd also look around for some visual
builder which can be adapted to our needs. It even doesn't need to be a
Smalltalk one,  but pure JavaScript, for example.

In any case, the deadline for 6.0 final should be ESUG Brest at the end
of August and until then we need to finish few strategically important
things first:

	- tree-like control flow
	- translation support

I also hope that we will manage to include the work Alex and Herbert are
currently doing concerning the introduction of action blocks (aka
callbacks), portable around all Smalltalks.

Also, the auto validation support is something which I'd like to have in
this version too. Which sounds close to above mentioned action blocks,
so it should be easy ...

Best regards

> Janko Mivsek wrote:
>> ...
>> Aida/Web:
>> --------
>> - more internationalization, specially with translation support, to have 
>>   web apps on more than one language fast and easy.
>> - tree-like control flow, to close the last gap to the competition :)
>> - form validation support with callbacks and Ajax visual feedback
>> - more Ajax, more standalone components
>> - on the fly installation/unloading of applications and additional 
>> components directly from the admin/configuration web pages. No need to 
>> deal with Smalltalk image directly, which is good for non-programmer 
>> users of Aida web systems.
>> - Scaffolding, that is initial code generation of your web app before 
>> you start coding manually
>> - Visual web app building, as extension of scaffolding?
>> - Magritte support
>> - Smalltalk Community support with project like SPM, Smalltalk People, 
>> Smalltalk code on the Web, at the end maybe even a Smalltalk portal, 
>> with all that combined? Well, this one is very very long-term goal, but 
>> very needed for the Smalltalk community as a whole!
>> ...

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