[aida] Aida Single-Page component library

Jaroslav Havlín jaroslav.havlin at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 13:26:51 CEST 2009


>> AJAX request are used by default. If the browser doesn't support AJAX,
>> standard requests are used automatically. But this only works in
>> Firefox now :-(
> Is there a reason? If you had said that AJAX requests only work with
> firefox, I would have understood...

There is a problem with parsing responses. There is a JavaScript
method that works
only in Firefox so far, but I hope I will be able to fix it.
If the browser doesn't support JavaScript at all, it works.

> Anyway, you could have a look at Iliad's js code. I just saw that, like
> Iliad, dirty elements are sent in JSON (with Iliad it's dirty widgets,
> but still, it's similar).
> http://bioskop.fr/svn/gst/iliad/trunk/Public/javascripts/iliad.js

No, actually JSON is not used. A set of fragments of HTML code is sent
back as a result of
AJAX requests.

But I will look at it, anyway :-) It is a good idea, as JSON responses
are much smaller.


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