[aida] Aida Single-Page component library

Nicolas Petton petton.nicolas at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 23:23:14 CEST 2009

Le lundi 29 juin 2009 à 22:17 +0200, Jaroslav Havlín a écrit :
> Hello Nicolas,
> > I just quickly browsed the code, but I didn't see any stateful widget,
> > or did I miss something?
> No, you didn't. There are no widgets yet. The whole tree of
> page elements is stored between requests, so every element is stateful.
> This can be sometimes costly, but it was easier to implement.

Especially because elements are used from html tags to pages, so you
quickly end up with hundreds of elements, right?

Also, how do you manage actions with your stateful elements? Are they
reusable? (do they have actions, or is it like other Aida applications
in WebApp?)

> What version of GNU Smalltalk is required to run Iliad?

The latest version Iliad needs git version of gst since Swazoo2.2 was
just ported to gst a few days ago.

However the revision 1367 should work with gst 3.1.


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