[aida] Aida Single-Page component library

Jaroslav Havlín jaroslav.havlin at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 12:24:26 CEST 2009


> Jarda, can you extract all the single-page functionality
> from the service_http and move it to package
> stx:goodies/aida together with very simple demo app?

I'm sorry for being late. The general functionality has been extracted.
The example application can be started with this code -
Aida::AidaSPExample start.

> BTW your thesis has grown by ten pages since your first announcement.
> I anticipate reading it again while trying the code in Squeak.

If you are not interested in the CellStore Web Client, there is no
need to read it again.
The new parts are focused on the CellStore details,
not on the general page processing.

Now I am going to port it to Squeak, so that it will be easier for
Squeak users to
read and test the source code.
I hope it won't take too long time.

Kind regards,

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