[aida] Scribo, aida charts and 6.0beta2

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Mon Jun 8 15:47:41 CEST 2009

Hi Janko,

JM> That's why I propose that we all migrate to 6.0 beta2 and if there is
JM> some problem with that beta, to make an interim release with necessary
JM> fixes.

maybe you missed my post of May 10th (or I missed your reply) but the
non ASCCI character problem is serious to me, Germans will enter
Umlauts. That's why at present I try everything I do in both versions.

to quote myself:
JM> One way to reproduce the error is to go to the demo site's viewAjax.
JM> In life input or delayed input try to enter € (Euro sign) or ²
JM> (superscript 2 or 3) or whatever you can reach with the right Alt key
JM> on your keyboard.

The other reason was your reply to Germán Arduino on using the (older)
beta for production:
JM>    - there are two products here, one is Aida, the other is Scribo. Aida
JM> 5.6 is stable, 6.0 in beta. Scribo is in beta. And you are arguing about
JM> your failure with a beta. Remember, our beta is not the same as Google
JM> beta :)

Sorry for nitpicking I'm preparing something planned for production.

Besides my own application I want to use Aida + WebCharts at a
customer where right now Squeak extracts quality data from a database,
writes an ASCII file which is then opened with Excel to create the

While my own app will still need several months, the latter looks like
work I could complete next weekend.

So what's your "official" recommendation?


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