[aida] A few newbie questions regarding Aida/Web

TreyC treyc at fresnomail.com
Fri Jan 30 03:36:25 CET 2009

Thanks, Janko, for answering my questions.

It's remarkable that you are so dedicated to helping out newcomers like
this.  Thanks for explaining about columnFilters in WebGrid, and about how
table formatting works.

Hi TreyC, welcome to the list!
>> (3)  Are there some other demo applicaitons that I can study to learn
>> more
>> about Aida? I found in the Aida package, a Category called Examples, with
>> classes WebDemo and WebDemoApp.  I can't seem to get these to run though.
>> I tried:
>>     (AIDASite named: 'aidademo') urlResolver defaultURL:
>>            '/webdemo.html' forObject: WebDemo new
>> but it doesn't appear to show up.
> Demo is registered as '/' on default Aida install and contains those
> Ajax etc demos. If you try one-click Scribo beta, there are a bit more
> stuff, also the new WebSecurityManagerApp.

Can I ask a bit more about this? Suppose I would like to create another
AIDASite to run WebDemo, say on 


Following the instructions on
http://www.aidaweb.si/administrators-guide.html (section 3.1), I tried to
run the following code in a workspace:

   AIDASite newNamed: 'testdemo'.
   (AIDASite named: 'testdemo') host: 'www.mysite.com' ip: ''
   (AIDASite named: 'testdemo') start

but I got an error message stating:  Site with such host:ip:port combination
not allowed!

Since I can't get a new instance of WebDemo running on my local machine, I
can't get to the next step of assigning it the URL. 


How do I go about running WebDemo on this URL?

>> (4) Finally, can someone point me to an example of Aida which uses a
>> different (simple) CSS stylesheet?  I am not very good with CSS to begin
>> with, so I would like to see how Aida can incorporate a different
>> stylesheet. Where on the file system would the CSS stylesheet usually be
>> stored?
> There is SqueakSite package in mc.bisokop.fr where you can find a code
> running a Squeak http://www.squeak.org site. In short, you subclass
> WebStyle with your own style class and put there your own CSS, by
> overriding existinc css methods or making completely your own. Also all
> images you put there directly int methods. like headerGif, tehn use
> those iamges in CSS like /img/headerGif.gif or like a addGif: #headerGif.

I tried to download the SqueakSite package at http://mc.bisokop.fr to study
it, but the URL does not resolve.  Is the URL correct?



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