[aida] Aida hosting (was The greatest thing...)

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sat Jan 24 22:06:59 CET 2009

Hello Janko,

JM> I plan to replace my collocated server with a new one with virtual
JM> server support. Then one virtual server can be for free Aida hosting
JM> too. Other probably for commercial ones. What is then needed of course
JM> is to develop and admin app for such hosting ...

Really don't know what the people from netstyle (seasidehosting) have
done in this regard.

JM> New server will be there in a month or two. Admin app, well, that's
JM> harder to tell...

as usual, you are too fast for me :-))

JM> But you can host your Aida based image (specially Squeak one with
JM> in-image VNC) on any virtual server. It is even easier because you don't
JM> need any database. All needed is ssh and VNC access to your Squeak
JM> image. At least I think so, I never tried by myself.

I have no knowledge of maintaining servers. That's why I thought of an
approach like netstyle. People provide the image and pay for the rest.

JM> Well, I lately opened an account on Amazon Elastic Cloud. Maybe we can
JM> try hosting one Aida web app there? Anyone interested on that?

In the very far future, when (if :-)) I'll have more customers than
two or three servers can handle....


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