[aida] The greatest thing since sliced bread

Lorenzo Schiavina lorenzo at edor.it
Fri Jan 23 18:46:49 CET 2009

Hi Janko,

I am going to end the Italian translaction of the tutorial; it has had a bit 
longer because I checked the content with some students of mine that had a 
very low level of Smalltalk knowledege; so, I made a tutorial for people 
that is learning both Smalltalk and Aida.

It seems to me that the tutorial, as it is at present, has a loop; if you 
insert a new address, you are redirected to edit it; the edit redirect it to 
inserting and so on.

Changing the actionAdd of ADemoAddressApp to :


    self observee parent addAddress: self observee.
    self redirectTo: self observee parent view: #main

it seems to me that all work fine.

Do you mind checking it ?

Many thanks


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> Hi Eli,
> Eli Green pravi:
>> I've been playing with AIDA/Web for a project and am so far very 
>> impressed. I really like the ease with which you can bind objects to form 
>> controls and the Ajax stuff seems much easier to work with than 
>> Seaside's. That plus the ability to make a RESTful site are what won me 
>> over.
> Very nice to hear that!
>> I plan on having quite a few views where there will be a list of objects 
>> that don't contain many fields. At the bottom of this list will be a 
>> small form to allow people to quickly add new objects without having to 
>> load an separate view. I plan to accomplish this by having a singleton 
>> class representing all the "real" objects in our dataset and placing 
>> instance variables in views to represent new objects that are not yet 
>> live.
>> Is there a fundamental flaw with this plan? Does this make sense? Is 
>> there a better way to do this?
> This plan perfectly correct. Making it ajaxified will make it even
> better. In short:
> 1. put a table of object in a seperate method, say #tableElement.
> 2. send every input in form #onChangePost to post it after entering, let
> it post it to a temporary new object.
> 3. add a button and send it #onClickUpdate: aTableElement. In above
> #tableElement method then check at the start to see if a new element is
> to be added.
> This is a quick idea from my head, maybe not the most elegant, but one
> of possibilities how to proceed towards the goal to have a fully
> ajaxified entry to your list.
> Best regards
> Janko
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