[aida] The greatest thing since sliced bread

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Fri Jan 23 12:35:43 CET 2009

Hello Eli,

EG> Well, I'm still slightly nervous about deployment issues.
EG> Image-as-database makes perfect sense to me but my client knows
EG> SQL and may be more comfortable if I can persist to a RDBMS. We'll
EG> see. I'm prototyping in Smalltalk for now and will add external
EG> persistence later if I need to.

I have an app (not web) in production with a mysql backend, it's just
more work to do on the model. Nowadays I would look at SqueakDBX and
not use the native driver.

If in image persistence is an option (amount of data) I would keep all
data in the image and just would add or change in the RDBMS.

EG> Does anybody know of a virtual hosting service that they have successfully run AIDA on?

If you find one, please tell me. When my web app is ready I'll start
looking for something like seaside has with seasidehosting.st. A free
or cheap hosting for free web services with an option to go
commercial if one exceeds what can be provided for free or wants a
commercial branch of ones web app. But I'm confident in this matter.

EG> haven't checked the documentation - is it possible to make WebGrid
EG> scrollable so that always occupies a certain percentage of the
EG> available vertical space?

Hopefully someone else will tell you but you always can handle this
yourself. In case of the tutorial one would add displayedAddresses
to AddressBookApp and an up down Button to viewMain of AddressBookApp.

But someone more knowledgeable might know better.


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