[aida] The greatest thing since sliced bread

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Fri Jan 23 11:45:24 CET 2009

Hello Eli,

nice to see how the community grows!

EG> I plan on having quite a few views where there will be a list
EG> of objects that don't contain many fields. At the bottom of this
EG> list will be a small form to allow people to quickly add new
EG> objects without having to load an separate view. I plan to

a bit besides your point but if you put the input form at the top of
the list (if small enough) or at least put a link to the form at the
top of the list your users will be grateful.

They might have a smaller screen than you (if you limit the lists
length) or their lists might be longer than yours. Scrolling down for
(every) entry  is a pain.

Amongst other things I'm working to change the tutorial in this


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