[aida] asFilename does not work?

Prashanth Hebbar hebbarp at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 18:23:35 CET 2009

Hi Janko:

On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 5:27 PM, Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek at eranova.si>wrote:

> Hi Prashanth,
> Prashanth Hebbar wrote:
> > Thanks a lot for pointing SpFilename. I haven't tried it but will try
> soon.
> >
> > I have another question more critical: when I add the line to register
> > my url, it remains in "red" colour in the workspace which means there's
> > something wrong (right?) but the url opens without issue. However, I saw
> > that the sitename is not recognized in the addLinkTo: anObject text:
> > aString view: #view.
> So you registered an Url of your ANewsPortal and it now open in web
> browser without a problem? If so, then everything is ok. Try to inspect
> (AIDASite named: 'aidademo') urlResolver and its instvars #allWebPages
> and #allURLLinks to see, what you actually registered.

Prashanth: inspect throws up a frighteningly huge list. 'Site' shows an

> Here's a description of my  app (modeled on the tutorial):
> 1. I have model domains ANewsPortal (holds references to all news) and
> ANews (defines news parts). I have ANewsPortalApp and ANewsApp.
> 2. I have viewMain under ANewsPortalApp
> 3. I know i have to add a viewMain for ANewsApp and here is my
> confusion: what view do I implement here.

Your model is almost a replica of that from Aida tutorial, so you should
> made it working without a problem if you followed and understood the
> tutorial well. So, in ANewsApp implement the same view methods as they
> are in ADemoAddressApp.

Prashanth: Yes it is. I am able to open
http://localhost:8888/aidademo.htmland get my viewMain. However,
trouble is when I am trying to link one of the
items on the left nav bar with addLinkTo: site aidademo text: 'Mission'
view: #mission. Here "aidademo" is not recognized.

> > Sorry to bug you, I couldn't resolve this reading the tutorial.
> >
> > is this confusion contributing to the "addLinkTo:" issue I am facing?
> addLinkTo: aDomainObject will make an Url link automatically if not done
> and registered in urlResolver before yet. So, for a link to a root
> object (which you should register at the start) it will use already
> registered one, while for all new objects (like new news in your case)
> Urls will be  created and registered at the time you call addLinkTo: .
> And as in tutorial, you can control the look of the generated Url by
> #preferedUrl methon in your domain objects.

Prashanth: thanks for explaining these so patiently. This is what makes this
list so warm.
Prashanth Hebbar
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