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Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sat Jan 17 15:36:24 CET 2009

Hi Janko,

JM> What a late response to your questions, sorry! I hope I'm not too late
JM> with answers ...

never mind, I have a *lot* of work to do in the model.

Progress report:
During the holidays I spent the evenings with reading the list
archives which answered a lot of questions.

I skimmed a book about Javascript as I knew nothing about web
programming before.

My UI will mainly consist of tabs (7 to 9) holding UI's like the one
in the tutorial. I see no problem here. There is one question left for
which I guess I will have to learn the basics of Java.

90% of the work my uses will do will be entering point coordinates
forming cross sections (of e.g. roads). As they enter each point I
want to present them with a graphic showing the cross section as far
as completed.

In Morphic I would use a PolygonMorph with handles enabled (see png).
Clicking on a yellow circle would edit that point, clicking on a green
triangle would insert the next point between the two adjacent points.
Unlike the six points of the shown polygon the typical polygon will
have 15 to 20 points, meaning I will need the whole width of the
browser window, aspect ratio being about 10 to 1.

I could do this now in the server, export a png and send it up to the
client browser. From my reading I assume that JS can send the clicked
coordinates in the graphic to the server, to find out what has been
clicked. But I believe I have to do this on the client side. Users
should hack into the numerical keypad as fast as they can and not be
delayed by the application, even if several users are online. Also a
modem connection (or a shared megabit line) should be sufficient.

As far as I know this can't be accomplished in Javascript but I know
it can be done in Java.

If anyone has a clue if this could be done in Javascript please share
it! It will save me a lot of time. OTOH when I'm done, Aida will have
a small plot utility done in Java and accessed like the JS prototype
for Ajax.

Again nothing pressing I still have to do much work on the model
besides making a living.


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