[aida] Synchronizing AIDA ports with upstream squeak code & MC2

Jan Vrany vranyj1 at fel.cvut.cz
Fri Jan 9 10:30:18 CET 2009


I would like to open an discussion about synchronizing
AIDA ports (namely Smalltalk/X one :-) with master branch.

We did initial port by downloading monticello package, 
extracting source.st, doing some sed magic, filing-in
the transformed code, doing some method rewriter magic
and finally do the rest by hand. As you can imagine, such 
process is extremely boring and - what is much worse - error-prone.
When a new version of AIDA (Swazoo, Sport, Scribo, ...) will be 
released...you know what I'm talking about. 

How the other ports are kept up-to-date? 

What about switching to Monticello 2 and having one repository
to keep all AIDA/Swazoo/whatever code? We are working on 
MC2 port to Smalltalk/X and I hope it will finished in
say two months. There are at least two reasons for that:
 1) Colin did a great work and having real projects in MC2 
    would help to spread usage of MC2
 2) Gemstone guys did that with Seaside & Monticello. They 
    claim that having same version control system is reasonable
    way to go. 

Any comments/suggestions/ideas?

Cheers, Jan

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